Finding who to go with

A step by step guide to finding a partner on WhoToGoWith.

Question: Is it free?
Answer: For you, yes, absolutely! The event organizer has paid for creating the event so that you will be able to find a partner to go with to the event thery're organizing.

Your first step

Your first step is to find the event or use a link proided by the event organizer, then do a quick sign up and register with either email or Facebook.

Next, you'll need to set up your dating profile, enter your name, date of birth, location, gender, bio, and criteria of gender and age range of the partners you're looking for.

Now you can get to the "Events" screen and see the event you want to go to.

You can again read about the event, as well as see how many people of each gender are going, as well as the age ranges of the guests already registered. Now click on "Discover who to go with" and you'll be transitioned to the event's dating arena, where you can go over all profiles which are relevant to your defined gender and ages criteria. Click LIKE or NAH on each profile displayed, and when there's a match, you can start chatting. Matched couples that want to go together can turn the "Going Together" switch to show each other they're serious about going together. Each person can only turn that switch with one partner per event.

The whole process, in short:
1. Cconnect via Web or Mobile App
2. Click a link or search for the event
3. Register
4. Create a profile
5. Click "Discover who to go with"
6. Go over all relevant profiles, "LIKE" or "NAH" on them
7. Get matches
8. Chat with your matches
9. Decide with whom you're going together (you must choose one from the matches to get to step 10)


You will receive push notifications and emails whenever:
1. Someone liked your profile when you were gone
2. you matched with someone
3. you've receive a message

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