WhoToGoWith connects people around events they want to attend.

Many singles miss out on great events just because they don't have who to go with. With WhoToGoWith, event organizers set up an event page, share it with their single invitees, who then get to find partners who share their enthusiasm for the event.

Find who to go with.

Discover potential new friends and romantic partners who want to go to the same event as you do!   The organizer of the event you want to go to has created a dedicated dating scene just for invitees like you.

Use WhoToGoWith on the web-app or as a mobile-app, the experience is nothing like a typical dating app. Here you'll discover people who just like you want to go the event you're interested in going to.

Found someone you'd like to go with? Chat with them, and buy a ticket at 15% discount which we only give to couples who matched on WhoToGoWith.

Event organizers:
Connect your single invitees.

Many of your invited guests really want to go to your event, but don’t have who to go with, so they stay home.   With WTGW you not only increase your ticket sales and bring joy to more people, you also help them discover new friendships and romances.

The process is extremely easy and straightforward. You create an event on WhoToGoWith, share it on your social network group or page, your invited guests see the event and sign up, create a profile that consists of pictures, bio, basic personal details and preferences for partners, and then they start checking and liking each other. When two people match, they can chat and decide if they want to go together to your event.

As the organizer, you can see your guests profiles and interact with them. You also have access to important statistics about your guests interactions, and can see how many people have signed up, how many profiles were watched, how many likes, matches, how many conversations and how many messages were exchanged. Notice that you will not know whom they liked, matched, or messaged; the guests' privacy is kept.

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